Pioneer MT-01 Sound System

Pioneer MT-01 Sound SystemI HATE wires and that is why I am excited about the new MT-01 sound system from Pioneer. No more stringing speaker wire a long the bottom of your walls, hiding it under throw rugs, drilling it through your walls or any other hassle it is to get your music into other rooms of your home. Simply plug one of six (six being the max.) speakers in this system to any outlet in your home. Turn on the master control and walk around freely in your house as the music follows you from room to room. Yep thats right, no tripping over speaker wire in the process.

The system is due out real soon and I am eager to see if it up holds all the hype. I would definitely like to have this as a part of my home entertainment system. Here is more information the full product specifications are now available, check it out!

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    Eddie Vedder + Laird Hamilton

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    Eddie Vedder + Laird Hamilton

    What happens when one of the greatest rock front men and one legendary surfer get together?? Awareness of ocean preservation and the magic of riding her waves is shared with us. Mark your calendars for Thursday, October 26 at 9:00 PM ET/PT and tune into the Sundance Channel to join in Vedder and Hamilton’s stories about the Ocean and Life. Here is a link to set up a reminder for yourself: Iconoclast: Vedder + Hamilton